Summer Moments

I am from rustic cabins and dusty tents

I am from multi-coloured campfire flames crackling in smoky swirls

I’m from crispy sooty hot dogs and gooey golden marshmallows

I am from mosquito bites and wasp stings, no-seeums and horse flies

From midnight skinny dipping amid eerie green waves of aurora borealis

I am from scorch-toasted white bread slathered with sticky red jam

From  hot chocolate  clutched in numb water-wrinkled fingers steaming into blue lips

I am from a clammy clinging  bathing suit and straggling hair dripping down

I am from tooth-rattling shivers and stretching full-length on sun-warmed sand

I am from coconut sunscreen and lemon-scented bug repellant

From potato salad and fried chicken and slippery juicy watermelon

I am from sweaty sleeping bags and soggy towels hung on tree branches oozing with pitch

From Coleman stoves and kerosene lanterns, flickering candles and ghost stories

From fly-specked outhouses with wilted toilet paper and ancient magazines with curling edges

I am from 15 cousins diving, swimming, canoeing, building rafts and sandcastles, racing over hard packed beach sand, laughing and crying, fighting and playing

I am from black and white photos of unidentified children in boxes of misty happy memories.






Author: lyndaladret

Discovered writing stories and poems through Outlander and encouragement from Sam Heughan's MPC2016 program. My new hobby is photography! check out to join the #BestGroupEver

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