I’m your momma

Swagger poem about motherhood. Add your own verse if you have one.

I’m your momma, I’m the boss.
 I can do the dishes, I can clean a fish

I can pluck a chicken, I can grant your wish.

I can mix cookies; I can bake bread.

Tuck you in at night, favorite stories read.

I drive you every place; I cheer you in your race.

I worship the dreams in your tiny little face.

I can grow a child. I tame your wild.

I coax you to try; I know the answer to “why”

I hug and kiss you, especially when you cry.

I smile tears and fears when we say goodbye.

I’m a master juggler –

I manage work and home

I control your destiny

I pay for you to roam

I give money, if you need a loan.

I’ll bandage your broken heart.

No doubt it’s come apart

I’ll dry your tears with love.

Your guardian angel, hovering above.

I can sew a costume, redecorate a room.

I can plant a garden so we can watch it bloom.

I weave the many strands of love with my magic loom.

and when you mess up, I’ll be your angry doom!

Even when you rant and rave,

I love you more than all.

Everything I had, I gave

to you, my darling doll.

I’m Your Momma!


Author: lyndaladret

Discovered writing stories and poems through Outlander and encouragement from Sam Heughan's MPC2016 program. My new hobby is photography! check out MPC2017.com to join the #BestGroupEver

3 thoughts on “I’m your momma”

  1. Love it!!
    I’m forwarding it to Susan, who will add it to the 100 Day Challenge Group on FB. We’re going to have lots of postings come Jan. 1 st!

    Merry Christmas and all the best to you all.
    Big hug,

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