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This is a tale of my experiences exploring Edinburgh recently. Edinburgh castle is built on an extinct volcano with Edinburgh castle at the top.  The castle approach is called the Royal Mile (actually 1.6 miles) and extends to the bottom of the hill at Holyrood Palace, residence of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth when she visits Scotland. The Queen hosts a garden party in May; an intimate affair, only 300 guests.

Edinburgh Castle

The Palace of Holyroodhouse sits at the bottom of the Royal Mile. The Scottish parliament is across the street..


Holyroodhouse side entrance


Here is a view of  the Radical Road climbing the Salisbury Cliffs, part of Holyrood Park, belonging to the Queen. The Radical Road was constructed using prison labor.

IMG_20171001_134831612_HDR (2)

A lovely crisp day in Edinburgh, I’d been doing the cobblestone shuffle, that dodge and weaver, up and down the Royal Mile two or three times already; it was 4:30, I’d been told it would take about 45 minutes to Arthur’s Seat, so why not?

This is the spontaneous, ill-prepared bit. I had half the things needed, like water in my bottle and a full battery charge on my phone. The time needed should have been doubled.  And then there was my late start, racing against the sunset.

Here are some shots of The Radical Road. What a wonderful couple hours with amazing views over Edinburgh, out to the ocean.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the top of Arthur’s Seat; something to look forward to next time.


I wouldn’t have gone to Scotland if not for MPC, MyPeakChallenge, so thank you all Peakers for the opportunity to be part of #BestGroupEver.

I love Scotland.  I felt at home there even before I landed, hearing the lilt and twang of my childhood voices.  My grandfather was born in Scotland in 1911.

I’d love to visit again; want to go?


Author: lyndaladret

Discovered writing stories and poems through Outlander and encouragement from Sam Heughan's MPC2016 program. My new hobby is photography! check out to join the #BestGroupEver

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