I am from my 650 Yellow Suzuki, from black saddlebags and leather chaps
I am from shiny chrome spokes and hot roaring engines
I am from wind in my face and bugs in my teeth, from Harleys and Hondas and BMWs
I am from throttling down to take a corner and leaning far far far over
From a twist of the wrist, throttling up to spin out and around and through the curve, hugging the road
From racing pavement and from sliding back wheel and from vibrations of power between my legs
I am from braking in gravel, ouch! over the handlebars and cracked ribs
I am from adrenaline rushes, fear and terror overcome
From dread of danger, the fear of crashing, and the edge of imminent possibility
I am from cruising down the highway, one with my bike, savouring the moment
Swaying through corners, threading through traffic, stopping for cows on the road
I’m from endurance tours, sore hips, sore arms, wrists, shoulders
I’m from laughter and wine and joyous experience
Sisters in the wind, brothers of the machine

Dedicated to all my biker friends and my sisters 🙂